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Shenzhen Trend Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading battery company in Shenzhen, established in 2011. Specializing in outdoor energy storage, solar panels, lithium iron phosphate batteries, and cells. With advanced equipment and an annual capacity over one million units, we prioritize quality, technology, and top-notch service. Our products are internationally certified (CE, RoHS, FCC, UL) for high-performance and reliability. Committed to green operations, we use eco-friendly materials to reduce pollution and energy consumption. Contact customer service for details. Thank you for your support!

Trend: Empowering Your Energy Needs

Discover Trend, the destination for cutting-edge lithium-ion batteries delivering dependable performance. Our batteries offer confidence and peace of mind to handle unexpected challenges effortlessly. Experience a seamless journey with Trend batteries, where reliability and performance converge for a trusted power solution at your fingertips.


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Complete Automation

Full automation enhances production efficiency, reduces costs, and ensures product quality and safety, providing customers with higher-quality products and services


Our team spares no effort to ensure abundant inventory, allowing you to focus on your projects without worrying about supply issues

Intelligent Production

Factory intelligent production leverages advanced technologies to achieve real-time monitoring, and predictive maintenance, enhancing production efficiency, quality, flexibility, and meeting customer demands

Trusted Efficiency

Expert team records real-time machine data, ensuring efficiency and superior products. Experienced staff for maintenance and customized solutions


Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

We Follow Best Practices

Product Category

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

High-performance lithium battery, safe, stable, long lifespan, widely used in electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

Golf Cart Batteries

Our Golf Cart LiFePO4 batteries provide top performance for low-speed electric vehicles like golf carts, with a focus on longevity, safety, fast charging, and lightweight design.

Marine & Boat Batteries

An advanced battery solution designed for marine vessels, combining high performance, long lifespan, and safety to provide reliable energy supply for boats.

RV, Camper & Van Batteries

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are the ultimate choice for your RV, Camper, and Van. Stable, durable, and reliably powering your journey, wherever you roam.

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